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Is Margaret Atwood Dead or Alive? Author Margaret Atwood Death Hoax Rumors Explained!



Social media platforms have become a place to share any kind of rumors or hoaxes among the users and since the platforms have gained huge users, a large number of hoaxes have been circulating on social media. As of December 20, the name of popular Canadian celebrity, Margeret Atwood has become a shocking topic of social media after some hoaxes or rumors started to appear on the Internet related to her sudden death.

Margaret Atwood dead

Recently, a hoax on Twitter gave fans a scare moment with false news of Atwood’s death. Margaret Atwood is 82-years-old and known for her poetry and novels.

Margaret Atwood is one of the most popular poets, essayists, teacher environment activists, novelists, literary critics, and inventors from Canada. According to the sources, she has published around 18 books of poetry, 18 moves, and 11 books of non-fiction including 9 short fiction, and eight children’s books.

Is Margaret Atwood Dead or Alive?

It seems that we can’t count her work and currently, she is also living for his passion. But due to the recent hoaxes on the Internet, it had made several misconceptions among fans. According to the sources, she is fine and living with her family. So, let’s search about these rumors and from where, he started to grow.

According to the sources, a viral tweet was sent on Monday morning, which was informing the social media users of the death of the beloved writer, Margaret Atwood. The Tweet reads,” McLelland & Stewart announced the death of Canadian author Margaret Atwood. Official note to be released soon”.

Because of the multiple errors including the name of the publishing company, the tweet was exploded as false. Later, few people also took the support of Twitter to reveal that the tweet is totally fake.

Not only this but Handmaid’s Tale Author also took the support of Twitter to address the hoax. She wrote,” Seems sone jolly hoaxer has just Tweeted that I died. Not yet, pal! Otherwise put, if I am dead I am not telling”.

Why is Margaret Atwood Death Rumors Trending?

When the false tweet went viral, many people flooded social media with the tributes to the author but later, they got to know that this was just a false tweet circulating on Twitter.

Margaret Atwood was born on November 18, 1939, and is known as a popular writer. Several stories were written by her adapted into television shows and movies. While one of the most popular retellings is The Handmaid’s Tale. She achieved numerous awards in her life including Booker Prize, Nelly Sachs Prize, and Governor General’s Award.

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