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Is Mamito Eunice Pregnant?






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Comedian Mamito has sparked online reactions after fans speculated that she is pregnant thanks to the photo that she shared on her social media. Mamito innocently shared a photo wearing a crop top and fans were already flooding her comment section asking her whether she is pregnant.


Situlikubaliana mamito utabakii chembambaa mbona kakitambi kameeanza kukujaaaaa

Naona mimba ama ni pombe tu 😂

Unakula nini ama ni pesa ya mubaba 😂😂

Fanya mazoezi dada yng mgeni anakuja huyo

Mkenya wetu ako na kitambi😂😂😂🙌

Yani mmeamua round hii ni wababa forever😢😢

Mamito is currently in Tanzania and while she was there, she did an interview with Wasafi FM. To which she carried her merchandise with her. A tshirt that had the word Mubaba on it. If you a fan of Mamito, chance are you know where the word Mubaba came from.

That’s not even where the tea is. Mamito had worn a brown crop top and fans went all crazy in her comment section speculating that a mini mamito is on the way. For others, they told her to hit the gym.

This is not the first time Mamito has sparked pregnancy rumors. Last year, she took a photo with Butita holding her baby bump. Immediately, fans rushed to the comment section to congratulate her but it was later discovered that the two were actually working on a youtbe project and the pregnancy was fake.

Do you think Mamito is pregnant? Or that’s just her body?

Mamito Eunice pregnant

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