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Is Luke Spencer General Hospital Dead or Alive? Explained




Is Luke Spencer General Hospital Dead or Alive? Explained: At the end of the January 2 episode of General Hospital, users were thrilled at first. Jane Elliot was back in the role of Tracy Quartermaine, which was completely unexpected. However, when we heard what she had to say, we were taken aback. She told Laura and Kevin, It’s Luke. He’s no longer her. Follow More Update On

Luke Spencer General Hospital

Is Luke Spencer General Hospital Dead or Alive?

Fans start posting their photos on social media platforms. As difficult as it is to fathom, the program would kill off an Emmy winner. Because Anthony Geary’s legendary character has indicated no desire in returning from retirement, it could lead to an interesting scenario. Whether Laura’s second spouse and Tracy’s true love is dead or missing, Walter Curtin proposed, “it will make a good mystery with lots of vets engaged. Because Geary doesn’t want to return… this is an excellent plan.

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Because of this, Lucky, Ethan, and Lulu have mystery as he says. And maybe Luke is alive at the end of it. Others, however skeptical of Luke’s claims that he was truly pushing up daisies. Does he look like he’s dead? or were you just assumed to be dead Christina Huffman pondered something, I think I’ll postpone my party until Tracy and Laura have given us more information.

Luke Spencer Dead or Alive? General Hospital

What do you think readers? Would General Hospital really kill Luke Spencer and Even if it did, on a program with more “zombies” than The Walking Dead, would you believe it? On Twitter one said, If Luke is dead it’s an excellent use of all vet cast members, even Robert bringing back Lucky, Ethan, and Lulu, have a mystery. And maybe Luke is alive at the end of it.

Through this comment, many wrote that Long past time to revive Lulu and to bring Lucky and Ethan Back. A storyline around whether Luke is dead or merely missing is perfect! And it’s fabulous seeing Jane Eliot again

Another one: I like Jane Eliott but it will always be Luke and Laura… This is Laura and Kevin. Nope

We can also see that in the beginning when they first met, Luke was the rapscallion was enlisted by scheming sis Boobie to help break up her crush Scotty and the future with wife Laura. Luke nailed it but in the worst scenario. Laura couldn’t stay away from Luke after he became so fascinated with her that he pushed himself on her at the Campus Disco. It didn’t matter if he was gripping her arm or not.



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