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Is Brown Mauzo Deadbeat?






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Singer Brown Mauzo daughter Lareesa is apparently lacking her father’s attention. This is after her mother had a  question and answer session on Instagram and asked her fans to ask her any question and she would answer. As expected, most of the questions were mainly focusing on Vera Sidika and Brown and Lareesa’s mother decided to answer them all.

Lareesa’s mother took it to her social media to accuse Bron Mauzo of being a deadbeat who is always absent in his daughter’s life. She revealed that she is really struggling to raise Lareesa on her own. While answering the questions, she did not fear anything and answered all of them without sugar-coating anything.


Lareesa’s mother spoke about so many things. Including when Brown Mauzo last visited his daughter and what he showed up with. She revealed that the last items he bought for Lareesa were due to the pressure she had put on him. Brown Mauzo did not get these things out of his own free will, it was the pressure from his baby mama.

When asked whether she hated Vera Sidika, she revealed that she doesn’t blame her for how things ended between her and Mauzo.


One fan asked her whether she gets jealous when she sees Vera and Mauzo together. Lareesa’s mother said she doesn’t really care about that since her main concern and focus is only on her daughter. She revealed that her daughter’s interest is her number one priority.

Meanwhile, Brown Mauzo is currently gushing over Vera and posting her on social media with fans reacting to every post.


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