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Is Bridget Achieng Taking The Beef With Edgar Obare Too Far?






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City socialite Bridget Achieng seems to still be bitter after her nudes were exposed to the world. I mean I would too. I don’t k ow if it is a matter of staying relevant or she is taking this too far. She posed a question on her Instagram page, and fans speculated it was directed to Edgar Obare fans she posted the following image on her Instagram stories.

A few days ago after Edgar  Obare’s brother was kidnapped, she rushed to her Instagram page to issue a lengthy statement to explain that the tea master was actually getting what he deserved and it shall never be well with him. She had the following on her Instagram stories.

What you put on your post is true, even though not many will agree, you cannot be tarnishing people’s image/brand and expect everyone to stand by you. Great piece🙏😫 , this nigga has brainwashed alot of kenyans waaah , enyewe udaku haitaki uvivu, you put your whole life and family life at risk but for what?? Mimi nimeshazoea there’s nothing to break again …kuongelelewa nayo tulishazoea…you eat through people tears 😭 it shall never be well with you …..if you want post me from today till next year …i will still be praying …. None of your wafuasi will be there for you when real shit hits home ..from breaking homes


Jaber ignore him wat has he achieved in his life so far? At least we see your growth keep blazing your path may God bless you 🙏❤😘💞

I’m tired reading comments 😂😂😂😂ka hupendi Brigit unfollow arudi 2 followers😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Akili yako inakaa izo nudes zako 😂😂

🤔dint expect this😢

Next time you fast for prayers I want to join you. Si huyu mungu wako anajibu on the spot. I now understand why black Cinderella apologize so fast. I remember like yesterday you begging obare not to do it because of your boy. Na ile ya kwenda kwa mungu wako bila nguo hadi akupiganie. Awache kulia lia

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