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Is Brendan Santo Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Brendan Santo, Parents Details




Missing: Is Brendan Santo Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Brendan Santo, Parents Details: Officials say, there was an abandoned body found in the Red Cedar River and it is believed that the body was a missing teen named Brendan Santo. Let’s Find out in this article whose body is. Is it is Brendon’s body or some other guy who lookalike him? On Friday, at around 12:30 p.m. There was a body discovered from the Red Cedar River close to the furthest limit of Clippert Street, only south of Kalamazoo Street, close to Green Dot Stables. It was seen that the less than two miles downriver from where Santo was most recently seen. Follow More Update On

Brendan Santo

Is Brendan Santo Dead Or Alive?

On October 29, 2021, Brendon Santo went missing while visiting MSU’s campus. He was last spotted leaving Yakeley Hall around 12 p.m. at the time. Despite searching for nearly three months, investigators were unable to locate Santo until Friday, when they received information from a private examiner in his potential region. On Friday, a body believed to be that of Brendan Santo was found from the Red Cedar River.

What Happened To Brendan Santo?

Brendon Santo, the missing kid, is presumed dead after his body was discovered in the Red Cedar River. Similarly, the investigators do not suspect any wrongdoing at this time. Dissection will be performed soon. Medical examiners will look at items like dental records and DNA to try to identify the body and determine the cause of death. While they acquire the information needed for the test, Dr. Dean Sienko, a former medical inspector for Ingham Country, is gathering information and making a conclusion. Sienko, on the other hand, claims that it usually takes a couple of days.

What was Brendan Santo’s age?

Several reports say that Brendon Santo was 18 years of age at the time of vanish which probably means that he was born somewhere around 2003. His height will be 5 feet and 8 inches tall and he weighs around 160 lbs.

Brendon Santo Parents?

His parents’ names are Brad and Wendy Santo. He grew up with his parents. His childhood, his school time, all will be spent with his parents. There is nothing much we know about his parents due to some private matters. However, for the first time since Santo’s abduction, they spoke on Fox 2 News. Similarly, the family has launched an Instagram profile called Bring Brendan Santo Home to raise awareness about Santo’s disappearance and provide updates on the case. Follow this site to get the latest news.