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Is Amir Khan Arrested and why was British professional boxer Amir Khan Investigation by cops? Revealed




Is Amir Khan Arrested and why was British professional boxer Amir Khan Investigation by cops? Revealed: Amir Khan is a boxer. Cops are investigating him for live streaming while driving in his own luxury motor car. Khan, 35, is seen reading texts on his phone while staring down at his phone, for which he has a number of past motoring offenses. Sending a text or making a phone call is against the law while driving. However, Khan did not appear to touch the screen of his mobile, he could still find himself in hot water for driving without due care and attention. Great Manchester cops said that GMP was alerted about a video on social media that appeared to have been shot while driving a car. Police are presently conducting an investigation. Follow More Update On

Amir Khan

Is Amir Khan Arrested?

Khan’s Christmas Day live stream on YouTube happened while he was driving with a friend near his Bolton home. As he shouted shoutouts to admirers all over the world, he appeared calm. The clip of Khan had been viewed 40,000 times. and one viewer said that he is a danger to society. Many people have died as a result of such recklessness. It’s for this reason that it’s illegal. It is against the law to take your eyes off the road to read text or social media messages.

Why was Amir Khan Investigation by cops?

Driver distraction can be deadly,” said Mary Williams OBE, chief executive of road safety charity Brake. Using a hand-held phone at the wheel is never worth the risk. Khan received a six-month driving ban and a £1,000 fine in 2007 for careless driving after collapsing a pedestrian on a pelican crossing. He was also fined £1000 got a 42-day ban for overspeeding at 140mph in 2008. Motoring laws governing the use of cellphones by drivers to take photos or videos, scroll through playlists, or play games are expected to be strengthened this year.

With this incident, we can clearly see that he was not aware of laws and driving the car without seeing the speed limit and ultimately do reckless driving. This will harm innocent people and pedestrians who are walking on the road, chilling out in the park, and spending time with some friends. If you want to more then stay connected with us or if you want to get daily updates then make sure to follow this website because every day we are dropping down every single news that is happening all over the world so if you want more updates then follow this website and don’t forget to leave us a comment.



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