Instagram Comedian, Lasisi Elenu Tells Hilarious Stories As He Celebrates Cute Abiola’s Birthday

The most eye-catching Instagram comedian, Lasisi Elenu celebrated fellow comedian, Cute Abiola’s (A.K.A Ankara Gucci) birthday with hilarious stories about how he met the celebrant, and going on to ask for his gift.

Be rest assured, these stories will make you laugh!

Read Lasisi Elenu’s hilarious account Below:

The heart of man is filled with lies and deceit. And one of the reasons I keep to myself is because I don’t want to hear stories that touch the heart. I promised never to bring this to social media but.. I met @thecuteabiola in May 2012 on a Tuesday afternoon in one construction site, he was fetching water for the bricklayers. We started talking and became friends. I would advice him he would advice me. I respected him a lot because he was very quiet, humble, down to earth and always stayed on his lane so I spoke highly of him. One day he came to meet me that the girl that comes to sell Amala for us at the construction site came to beg for money, that she was pregnant and needed money for some medicine. @thecuteabiola went on to explain how the girl was so decent and even her boyfriend ran away and was no where to be found and left her alone with the pregnancy. I felt so bad and gave him 10k to assist her, MUMU meeeeee. MUMU meeeeee. I didn’t know. One day after work I was on my way home, inside the uncompleted building I started hearing one funny sound, I now say ahn Han, all this children should stop doing police and thief inside the building because cement have not dry, and it can go and fall on their head now. I now say lemme go and pursue them away, so as I just jump inside the place I now see @thecuteabiola he was wearing only boxers that was sweating in the Nyash, I now see the girl in one corner too typing wrapper. I now say what are they doing there he now say that, he saw a big rabbit so two of them now pursue it and enter the uncompleted building so he was now tired after running then he removed his cloth so that breeze can blow him. MUMU meeeeee again, Do you know that after 2 weeks this bastard @thecuteabiola I saw him when I went to one house that someone invited me for naming ceremonyand child dedication I saw @thecuteabiola he was the one holding tray and sharing white rice and stew with Amala and egusi soup. smiling and telling everybody my baby’s name is Samson and Liquid metal. Send me my 10k if you don’t want to face the Poski himself
Happy birthday my brother @thecuteabiola shine on.

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