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If Dowen College Opens Monday, Expect Ijaw Nation Here — Niger Delta Youths Protest In Lagos Over Oromoni’s Death




According to a report by CmaTrends, the Ijaw Youth Council has insisted on getting justice for Sylvester Oromoni, the 12-year-old student of Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos State who was allegedly bullied to death at the school.


Members of the council, on Thursday, staged a protest in front of the school saying the school could not resume like others when justice was yet to be served.

The late Sylvester is from the Ijaw-speaking tribe in Delta State.

The IYC condemned the legal advice issued by the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution, Adetutu Osinusi, clearing staff and students of Dowen College of complicity in the death of the young man.

Recall that on Tuesday, Osinusi issued a legal advice which stated that police investigation and the two autopsies conducted on the body of the deceased failed to establish a prima facie case against the suspects — five students and five staff of the college.

According to the Legal Advice, the interim and final autopsy reports issued by the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital and toxicology report of post-mortem samples established the cause of death as Septicaemia, Lobar Pneumonia with Acute Pyelonephritis, Pyomyositis of the right ankle and Acute Bacteria Pneumonia due to severe Sepsis.

But reacting, the IYC leaders said any attempt to open the school would be strongly resisted while promising to invade the school with their school bags and food flasks.

One of their leaders said, “We are here today to express our anger and grievances with the fake and corrupt report released by the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution that this school where cultists are being trained is cleared. They cleared the same people that killed our son without trial, without concluded investigation; they said they cleared this school to open.

“If they open this school, the whole Ijaw nation will come here, let them try it and see, if they open this school on Monday, the whole Ijaw nation will come, we will come with our school bags, feeding bottles and join them here. Let them bring armoured tanks here, we have the capacity.

“If they refuse to give us justice, this school will not be open, we want to send a message to the governor of this state; I believe he is a well-trained person, if he supports injustice, then this school will not have peace.

“Nobody can stop us, when this thing happened, we said okay, we want justice, we folded our hands, this is the first time in the whole world we heard that before an investigation is concluded, before a case got to court, all of a sudden, during holiday, they tried the case in their houses and cleared them.

“Our son cannot die and their children will walk in here, it’s not possible, we want justice, justice is not done served.”