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Ida Odinga claims William Ruto can’t allow Racheal Ruto speak to her






Ida Odinga claims the political difference between her husband and Deputy President William Ruto has made it impossible for her to meet the DP’s wife Racheal Ruto.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Nation newspaper, Ida noted despite her friendly relationship with Margaret Kenyatta, the current political circumstances in the country have made it difficult for her and Rachel to relate closely.

“I have no problem whatsoever with both Margaret and Rachel Rut, but, with First Lady Margaret, we are easy but for Rachel, I know with the current political situation, her husband may not allow her to speak or engage with me in any manner,” Ida Odinga said.

However, Ida further said that politics does not necessarily have to lead to enmity and reiterated she does not need permission from anyone to meet anyone at any given time.

Raila Odinga wife effectively suggests Raila Odinga does not stop her from meeting people who have different political views or ideologies from her or him (Raila Odinga).

“Kenyans should understand that politics is not enmity, also there are certain decisions that I can make and if by any chance I need consultation, I’ll consult,” Ida told Daily Nation in the exclusive interview.

Her revelations come at a time her husband and William Ruto are locked in a tough political battle as they both seek to be Kenya’s fifth president when President Uhuru retires.

While it shall be Ruto’s first such attempt, Riala Odinga wife Ida has witnessed her husband lock horns with several tough competitors for the presidency since 1997, when Raila first vied for the presidency.

Racheal Ruto is known to be media-shy, calm with all the hallmarks of an introvert as opposed to Ida who is a quintessential extrovert and never shies away from appearing in public and the media.

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