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Ica Dan Indra Rafanda Viral Video Trending Check 14 Year Old Girl Cause Of Death




On the internet, we daily scroll through hundreds of news and viral videos and sometimes the viral videos force us to think that how can it be possible. Recently, social media was devasted when a video from Indonesia’s Cianjur where a 14 years old girl reportedly died after a heavy dose of drugs. The video has now entered the trending list and now has been creating a buzz. So, if you are also one of those searching for Ica Dan Indra Rafanda Viral Video so be here till the end.

Ica Dan Indra Rafanda Viral Video

Recently, on the internet, a video of 14 years old girl along with her boyfriend and a bunch of his friends started surfing on the internet where kids are taking drugs and when the boy forced her girlfriend, she died after taking a heavy overdose of drugs. However, now the entire nation wants to know how did it possible that such small kids got drugs and they were taking and as they were taking so no doubt that other kids are also doing the same. A video about the death of an SMK student in Cianjur due to an overdose recently became popular on social media platforms.

Her boyfriend Indra took his Facebook to express his grief where he wrote “You have a good heart. beautiful. But, tragically, you have abandoned me, Soleh. For the first time, I apologize if I can’t be proud of you; you’re a nice person. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, and I hope you find peace. Icaa is stunning, and I’m stunning as well. ” He went on to say more.” Now the case is going under investigation and as it is a death case and that is too of a minor along with the connection of drugs so saying this won’t be bad that so many names will come out. Another thing that we would like to make a request to you about is, do not to spread rumors about Ica’s death, unless anything officially gets confirmed. Our saddest condolences are with her family and everyone who used to love her. May her soul rest in heaven. Stay connected with us to get more updates across the globe.