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IBA Party Viral Video on Reddit, Karanchi Dance Party Photos Leaked on Twitter




WATCH: IBA Party Viral Video on Reddit, Karanchi Dance Party Photos Leaked on Twitter: The viral IBA Party video has ignited anger in public indecency. The campus body will now probe pupil conduct over it. Pupils organized a dance party at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi at the Karachi University. The videos from the party have gone viral on the internet and the faculty and alumni of the IBA have asked for direct action. The disciplinary committee of IBA has begun the probe into the matter and has called it inappropriate conduct by some pupils. The Director and Registrar of the University believe that the obscenity on the campus should be evicted. Follow More Update On

IBA Party

IBA Party Viral Video on Reddit

IBA Party videos have been circulating on social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. It views scantily dressed pupils dancing, and the party was viewed to be a homose*ual event, reports The Express Tribune. The incident angered the pupil and faculty who have called against the social norms. It has been directly reproached for being offensive.

The alumni and staff of IBA have reacted to the videos by sending many emails expressing their concern to the administration. One of the emails said that the action by IBA pupils violated religious and cultural values along with violating national laws. Individuals have condemned the party and said that they want strict action to be taken on the incident. Individuals want the campus to be treated as an educational institution. They believe that pupils should not spread obscenity and se*ually deviant behavior should be not acceptable.

Karanchi Dance Party Photos Leaked on Twitter

The dance party of IBA Karachi continued even though the campus security was present. The faculty have often raised concerns over the non-compliance of the university dress code, indecent acts on emails, and the fast-changing campus environment. The silence of the administration on the matter raised concerns and questions over the present management. Ayesha Javed, The University mouthpiece, said that the campus management has already taken notice of the case talked to the Student Conduct Committee for further action and consideration.

IBA Party Pictures From Twitter Disclosed 

The pictures and videos of the IBA Party went viral on Twitter. Some posts even targeted the management of campus, questioning their values for letting pupils organize such events. One of the users said that the rave parties in IBA are openly promoting homose*uality and the educational institution should end obscenity. Some individuals also think that the IBA Karachi pupils should do whatever they desire.