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“I Slept With A Dog, Anytime I See A Dog I Get Wet”- Nigerian Lady Shares Experience




A Nigerian lady who messaged a relationship expert, Adejoro Olumofin explained that she once had sex with a dog and ever since that incidence, she gets wet anytime she sees a dog especially a German Shepard.

A Nigerian lady who chooses to remain strongly anonymous shared her experience of how she returned from the United Kingdom, visited a friend in 2018 and her friend invited her to a party. In her statement, she explained that her friend told her there would be rich men there and would likely ask them to strip and dance for them to get money in return. Knowing this, she agreed and went along with her friend to the party.

When they got there, their phones and all other recordable devices were seized at the entrance of the party. Again, her friend asked her if she doesn’t mind having sex with a dog. To convince her, her friend explained that through sleeping with dogs she bought her expensive house and jeep.

She agreed and went ahead to sleep with a dog and as since then been hunted by the thought of that scene.

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