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I have been beaten and threatened – Judge who sentenced Kinoti to prison claims






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High Court Judge Anthony Mrima has claimed he has received death threats, hours after sentencing Directorate of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to four months in jail.

Mrima claimed that his life was threatened by a senior state officer who claimed his ruling was an “unfavourable order” against the State.

The Judge had sentenced Kinoti to four months in prison for failing to obey court orders requiring him to return firearms he confiscated from businessman Jimi Wanjingi.

“I recently handled a matter and issued some orders which were directed towards some senior state officers. I was surprised to be approached by an emissary sent by one of the said state officers,” Mrima said as reported by The Star.

He said that the emissary had one clear message for him which indicate that he should stop being personal and should stop issuing orders that are ‘unfavourable’.

Mrima further revealed that the State officer further warned him that if he failed to heed his warning, he will firmly deal with him using many other processes available to them.

The judge, however, noted that it is not the first time he is being threatened for making a ruling in court. He said that during the last election cycle, he handled a poll petition where several emissaries were sent to him in a manner in which he was to determine the election petition.

“My house was burgled into. It was ransacked. Things were thrown all over. Safe for a safe which was carried away, everything else was left in the house,” he said.

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