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I count my old age an enormous blessing— Patience Ozokwo




Nigerian Actress, Patience Ozokwo, says she counts her old age as an enormous blessing.

The actress stated this through her Instagram page on Saturday in response to people complaining about her look.

According to the actress, despite people’s opinion about her look, she is not afraid to look old.

Ozokwo wrote “When did old age stop being a blessing? People do all manner of stuff to cover up aging – good for them!

“I own my age and experience with my full chest and count it an enormous blessing. Comments like ‘she now looks so old’, ‘she don old suddenly’, ‘she don old finish’, ‘Ahaa Mama what happened’, make me smile.

“Aging is not unattractive or undesirable. Life is fleeting. Enjoy the years you’ve been blessed with fully. I am not afraid to look/be old.

“I am not worried about being in any exclusive league or being validated by people’s opinion. Respect the elderly.”

In March, Ozokwo in an interview with ChannelsTV recounted how her parents forced her into marriage at a very young age.

Also according to her, she decided to stay in that relationship in order to please her family and care for her children

Ozokwo said “It was my parent’s decision. I come from a polygamous family where the daughter of my mother’s mates gets married and she would want her own daughter to get married too. They said I couldn’t wait for my love.

“The one that presented himself then, I was forced into marriage. Being married off that young was horrible. Our own time was when you didn’t have to decide who marries you. Your parents or cousin, anybody could arrange it.

“Once your parents have agreed, you’re in for it. It was about growing into loving my husband and companionship. But it’s when you’re trying to please your parents. In our family, you don’t come back from your husband’s place.

“You stay, manage it, and make the best out of the marriage. When I came and saw what was involved, I put my head in it because I couldn’t disappoint my father. Once you start having children, it’s not easy to abandon them.

“The reason I stayed was to please my family and care for my kids. Whether there was love or not doesn’t matter.”

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