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Hyderabad: Hindu Man Beaten to Death By Woman’s Muslim Family Video Viral on Internet



A disturbing video has been circulating on social media in which a young man was brutally beaten and even, stabbed to death on a busy road. According to the sources, the incident took place in Saroornagar in Hyderabad for a woman who was from the muslim community against their family’s wishes. Now, the video of the entire incident is circulating on social media which is creating a moment of anger among watchers. The mishap took place at around 9 PM on Wednesday, May 4, 2022. He was approached by the woman’s brother and her relative while traveling on their two-wheeler.

Hindu Man Beaten to Death By Woman's Muslim Family

The woman’s family was following the woman and the Hindu man and then, obstructed the couple and hit the victim with an iron road on his head and stabbed him with a knife on a busy road. The whole incident was recorded in camera and later released on social media which grabbed huge attention across the state. Police said when the onlookers tried to stop him by doing this crime, the family also threatened him. According to the sources, the man has been identified as Billipuram Nagaraju, 26, who was a Dalit man living in the place.

Hindu Man Beaten to Death By Woman’s Muslim Family

While some of the reports are also suggesting that the victim belongs to the Mala community which is a Scheduled Caste in the state and the woman’s family didn’t agree over their marriage but they took this step to become a couple. Police said that two men were involved in this crime but later, the deceased man’s wife told that there were five people were involved in the attack of killing her husband. Ashrin (the victim’s wife) told that they both were in a relationship since class 10. Even, though Nagaraju approached her family expressing his intention to marry their daughter but they denied to accept him.

Ashrin said,” He even told my mother that he will convert into Islam, but still they never accepted the proposal”. The deceased was a native of Marpalle in the Rangareddy district and another side, Ashrin is a neighboring Ghanapur village in the same district. After Ashrin’s family didn’t agree to their marriage and the couple tied the knot on January 31 this year in an Arya Samaj ceremony in Hyderabad.

They both were living in Panjala Anil Kumar Colony in Saroornagar, and Nagarjuna was working as a salesman in a car company. It was suspected by them that they are being followed by Ashrin’s family and for a brief period of time, they shifted to Visakhapatnam and came back to the city after five days. A case has been registered against the family of Ashrin under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (PIC).

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