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Hugas Car Scene Aj Raval And Sean De Guzman Movie Viral Video Leave Twitter Scandalized




VIDEO: Hugas Car Scene Aj Raval And Sean De Guzman Movie Viral Video Leave Twitter Scandalized: One of the most famous and renowned actresses AJ Raval is trending on the top on social media, especially on Twitter. Yes, you read it right that AJ Raval is making the headlines since her latest film “Hugas” has been released. In the movie, she can be seen performing hot and bold scenes but those scenes are too bold. After watching the film, everyone has only one question for the actress that how did she manage to undress in front of the camera. Everyone has been searching for an actress to know more details about AJ Raval. Follow More Update On

AJ Raval Viral Video Scandal Explained

Hugas Car Scene Aj Raval And Sean De Guzman Movie Viral Video

AJ Raval is currently trending on social media due to her film “Hugas”. In the film, she worked alongside Sean de Guzman. The film is directed by Roman Perez, Jr. Since the movie has been released, the focus of the audience is on the actress AJ Raval, who is asked how she managed to come without dress in front of the camera and flirt with a man, who was all squeezed while sucking whole body. Yes, the actress is undressed in the film and performing some bold and erotic scenes.

AJ Raval Viral Scandal

Well, the film Hugas was compared to p**n by many netizens due to its intensity of the n**ity. The other supporting characters are also very aggressive in showing their bodies. After all this, AJ Raval is going viral on social media. Several netizens have been sharing clips of the film on social media. The netizens have been seeking details about the actress. She has become a hot topic of discussion on social media. She is also being criticized for her actions in the film.

AJ Raval Viral Video Scandal Explained

AJ Raval is a popular actress from Manila Philippines. She was born on 30 September 1995. She is 26 years old. She is one of the most established actresses. Apart from being a Filippino actress, she is also a Youtube star and social media star. She also has a lot of interest in the business. Her current net worth is not known, however, she had an estimated net worth between $100k-$1M in 2020. Popular actor, Jeric Raval, is her father. He is a well-known actor in the Filippino film industry. Currently, he is married to Monica Herrera. Recently, AJ Raval made the headlines after portraying a bold role in a film. Stay tuned with us for more updates.