How to write a biography

How to write a biography, Welcome! this article will teach you just that.

Writing a biography isn’t hard the way some people claim it is. You first need to get that out of your mind. The second thing to consider before going into the tips properly is to understand that you have to have some sort of skill in writing, and obviously if you can read this, you can write any biography.

Biography, Definition and Meaning

Biographies are like stories you tell about an individual or group of individuals. A biography is majorly about the works, achievements, and life of any individual. Today, biographies are strangely written about a celebrity only. Biographies are writings that tell us about the lives of other people. Whether you’re writing a biography on a famous person, a historical character, or a prominent member of the family, it’s critical to understand all of the qualities that make a biography worthwhile to write and read.

Why are biographies written?

You might be wondering why biographies are written. Well, the reason isn’t far-fetched. It is to give an audience a glimpse into another person’s life An author may end up writing a biography because the subject’s story intrigues them or has elements that are relevant to modern life.

Points on how to write a biography

  1. Pick a subject: To begin writing a biography about an individual or group of individuals, you need to select someone you would like to work on. There are numerious achievers or prominent individuals living or dead. Pick any of them as your subject, work on them.
  2. Have a good understanding of your subject: To effectively write something worth reading, you need to have an understanding of who your sunject it. This simply means that you have to make research, make finding. Get facts about the subject. The best way to do this is by interviews. Interview your subject if he/she still lives, if dead, you can interview a relative whichever way, Interview works fine.
  3. Outine your points: After you must have conducted interviews and discovered facts about the subject. Then you can make an outline of your points. Remember, your interviews are in the raw format or your findings if you didn’t use interview. You need to make an outline from your points and fact to give you direction of which to place before which in your write up. e.g (you would not like to mention the name of your subject at the end of your write up). To keep readers focused, you need to mentuon the name of your subject at the beginning of your write up followed by the background of your subject.
  4. Begin your write up: After you must have made outlined your points, it is expedient to write what you have oulined in paragraphs. Each vital point could contain a paragraph. For instance, (Name, introduction and backround could be in a paragraph), (Education could be in the second), (Career and achievements could be in the third), (philosophies and idiologies of your subject could be the fourth). The last paragraph could be your objective opinion about the subject. It is inportant to note that your opinion shouldn’t shift paradigm from the sunject matter.

Important notes to consider:

  1. Make your write up simple as possible: this simply means that as much as possible avoid high vocabulary. The easier your write up is to read the better it pass the information it intended too.
  2. Avoind grammar errors of shelling: Ensure you check your write up at least three times to avoid grammartical errors and shells.
  3. Proof read your document, or give a proof reader: Proof reading your document or write up reduces the number of grammartical errors in your document.

We hope we have been able to help on how to write a biography.

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