How to use Microsoft Lens to scan documents


Microsoft Lens (Android | iOS) is an application made by Microsoft to scan documents and texts on your mobile, converting them into images, text files and documents in PDF format. The tool allows you to use the camera or an image saved in the gallery to scan any type of paper document, including bills, receipts, cards and even handwritten notes.

After scanning, the app offers resources to edit the file, with the option of cropping and other lighting adjustments. There are different scanning modes, adapted for different situations, such as business cards, tables, handwritten notes and large documents. The app also has integration with the Microsoft 365 service, generating files for Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and with the possibility of saving to OneDrive. See how to use the app to scan your documents!

Microsoft Lens: How to use the application to scan documents

Step 1: Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. When opening, enable access to your documents from the device;

Step 2: advance through the introductory screens and tap “Start scan”;

Step 3: before using the tool, release the app’s access to the phone’s camera;

Step 4: then point the camera at the document you want to scan and press the capture icon. You can also swipe sideways to change scanning modes;

Step 5: check your photo and use the stitches to adjust the edges of the document. Press “Confirm” to proceed;

Step 6: check the result of the scanned document. If you want, use the editing tools to add more sheets or crop the image. When finished, tap “Done”;

Step 7: finally, give the file a title, choose the format you want to store it in, and tap “Save”;

Step 8: to identify handwritten text, open the app’s camera, select “Actions” mode and take a photo;

Step 9: then check the result in text. The app gives the options to copy to clipboard or share on another platform;

Step 10: to access all your scanned files, tap the three dot icon at the top of the screen with the camera open and select “My Files”;

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