How to Share Workouts and Compete with Friends Using Apple Watch


One of the best features of the iPhone integration with Apple Watch is the use of the native physical exercise application, Apple Fitness, which tracks the user’s daily physical activities, in addition to monitoring the achievement of their movement goals.

But there’s more: Apple Fitness also offers fun interactive features like sharing your activities with friends or family who have an Apple Watch. The movement goal tracking is listed in real-time and gives you a percentage of each so you can compare progress against your daily goal.

And what about competing with friends? Who burns the most calories per day? This is also possible: from the activity sharing function, you can compete against your friends, challenging them to see who can burn the most calories in a 7-day challenge.

See how to share your workouts with friends and compete with them in Apple Fitness using Apple Watch:

Share your workouts with friends on Apple Fitness

Step 1: Log into your iPhone’s Apple Fitness app and click the “Share” tab in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 2: at the top right of the screen, click on the add icon.

Step 3: once again at the top right of the screen, click on the “+” icon.

Step 4: enter the names of people, such as friends and family, who own an Apple Watch and who you want to start sharing your Apple Fitness activities with. If iPhone automatically detects that contacts other than the ones you’ve already typed to add have an Apple Watch, these names will appear in light green in the suggestions below the field.

Step 5: you must wait until people accept the invitations you send to share your Apple Fitness activities with you.

Step 6: when accepting the sent invitations, the names of your friends will be listed in the “Share” tab, where you can follow the Movement Goals of each one of them in real time, besides comparing the percentage of the total reached, in a synchronized way, in any time of day.

Step 7: during the day, you can receive automatic notifications from your friends on the Apple Watch when they finish a workout or receive an Apple Fitness award.

Step 8: you’ll be able to interact and respond to these notifications quickly and simply, using the ready-made text suggestions that the Apple Watch makes available.

When responding to these notifications directly from your Apple Watch, they are sent by the Messaging app (iMessage), which attaches the Apple Fitness notification to your message so that the person can understand the context of what you sent.

Compete with friends at Apple Fitness

Step 1: to compete with friends, click on their name in the “Share” screen. The screen will open to your friend’s Apple Fitness profile. Scroll down the entire screen and find the “Compete” option.

Step 2: a window will open for you to confirm your challenge invitation.

Step 3: by sending the competition invitation, your friend will have 48 hours to accept and start the challenge. To check the rules, click on “Competition Rules”.

Step 4: a window will now open with the rules of your challenge.

Step 5: when you finish the competition with a friend, enter his profile to check the count of challenges against him.

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