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How to send a video without sound on WhatsApp






WhatsApp (Android | iOS | Web) is a platform for sending not only text messages, but also documents and content in photo, audio and video. And the latter gained a new feature: it is now possible to send videos without sound.

The feature started to be released in February 2021 on WhatsApp Beta for Android, and in September of the same year for iOS. But now the function is finally showing up in the stable version of the messenger, and it works for both single and group conversations.

Next, learn how to mute a video on WhatsApp before sending it to a contact.

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Step 1: on WhatsApp, open the conversation or group you want to send a video to.

Step 2: select the video to be sent.

Once the preview appears in WhatsApp, a button will appear in the upper left corner, right next to the total media size and below the timeline for cropping the video.

Step 3: tap the speaker button to mute the video.

Step 4: select the send button at the bottom right corner of the screen to send the video without sound on WhatsApp. You can also upload as a single preview by tapping the “1” button.

Very simple, isn’t it? Muted videos can be a good alternative if you want to send a video to a contact and do away with the need for the person to adjust the audio themselves.

It can also help to avoid embarrassing situations — imagine someone opening a video with the “Zap moan” or something like that when playing a media on WhatsApp? With the feature of mute videos, that doesn’t happen.

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