How to safely remove an external pen drive or hard drive


When you have finished using an external pen drive or hard drive on your PC, it is important that you safely go through the removal process. One of the main reasons for this is precisely to avoid the corruption of data contained in the hardware.

When a USB drive is inserted into a port, a lot of data can be transferred to it, so removing it during this process can be quite harmful. And, even if the process is finished, it can still be dangerous to remove it first, as some operating systems use the write caching process.

This means that data may not have been immediately written to the USB drive, and this information may still be stored in your computer’s RAM memory. For small transfers, this procedure may not have that much impact, however, when dealing with a large volume of data, the impact can be very large.

Therefore, you must not only perform the eject procedure, but also wait for the command allowing you to safely remove the USB drive. Check below the step by step procedure to perform this procedure on your PC running Windows 10 or macOS!

How to safely remove an external pen drive or hard drive in Windows

In 2019, Microsoft announced that it was no longer necessary to safely remove a flash drive in Windows 10 because of the feature called “quick removal”, which allowed you to remove the device at any time, as long as you weren’t saving files on it.

This function prevented the computer from continuing to try to write data by disabling cached disk write operations. However, with new operating system updates from Microsoft, some flash drives may have write caching enabled by default.

Therefore, it is still interesting that you carry out the process of safely ejecting your pen drive or HD, to prevent any problems from occurring and files from being corrupted in the process.

Through the Taskbar

On the Windows Taskbar, click the “Up Arrow” icon to display hidden icons and locate the “Pen Drive” icon. Right-click on it and from the open menu then select “Eject”.

Through the File Explorer

Go to the “This Computer” folder in the File Explorer, right-click on the device name and, in the opened menu, click “Eject”.

Another option, also within the File Explorer, is to click with the right mouse button on the hardware name in the left side menu and then on “Eject”.

Through the “Settings” tab.

Step 1: open the “Start” menu and click on “Settings” or use the shortcut “Windows + I”. Once that’s done, click on “Devices”.

Step 2: In the next tab, select your device within the “Other devices” section, click “Remove device” and confirm the action then.

How to safely remove an external pen drive or hard drive on Mac

across the table

On the Desktop, click with the right mouse button on the device and, in the opened menu then select the option “Eject”.

Still on the table, another possibility is to drag the pen drive icon to the “Trash”, and the hardware can be safely ejected.

Through the Finder

In the Finder’s left menu, click the “Up Arrow” icon next to the device name to be able to eject it.

Ready! Now you can safely remove an external pen drive or hard drive from your Windows PC or Mac.

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