How to install macOS public beta on Mac


With each new update released from macOS, the Mac operating system gains new functions, making it even more powerful and powerful. Therefore, it is natural that there is a curiosity when new versions of the system, even if still in the Beta version, are released.

And it’s possible for ordinary users to have access to these versions – just sign up for Apple’s Beta Software Program. That done, it is possible to download the beta versions of the macOS system well before the official release date.

An important point to note is that it is highly recommended that you back up your Mac before any beta updates to the macOS system. Whether through the cloud, the Time Machine feature, with external HD, whatever way, always try to make a backup of your Mac in order not to lose important data, files, information or documents that you have, in case the Beta version causes any possible impact harmful to your machine.

Important: Beta versions can be unstable and cause possible problems, such as crashes, sudden closing of applications, faster battery consumption, lack of compatibility with Tokens for authentication on banking sites, among others. For this reason, it is not recommended to install the Beta version on work or daily use machines.

Here’s how to download the Beta version profile for the Mac and then install the Beta version of macOS on your machine:

Step 1: on your Mac, sign in Apple Beta Software Program website and click on “Get Started”.

Step 2: you will need to enter your Apple ID account login and password.

Step 3: on the next screen, you will see information for the current macOS operating system. In the “Get Started” text, click on the “enroll your Mac” link.

Step 4: on the next screen, the importance of making a backup of your machine will be reinforced before proceeding with the installation of the beta version of the macOS system. Continue down the screen.

Step 5: click the “Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility” button to download the Beta profile on your Mac.

Step 6: with the DMG installation file downloaded, click on it.

Step 7: you will find the installer in PKG format. Click on it to install it.

Step 8: if you have not backed up, the importance of preventing loss of data after upgrading your system to a Beta version will be reinforced once again.

Step 9: follow the simple installation steps.

Step 10: open your machine’s System Preferences, and then click “Software Update”.

Step 11: now, you will find the available beta version of macOS, ready to be installed on your Mac.

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