How to install a website as an application on the PC from Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge (Android | iOS | macOS | Windows) was originally launched in 2015 but in 2020 it was completely redesigned and launched for new platforms. In addition, the browser has gained new functions, such as the possibility of installing a website as an application on the PC.

Also known as PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), these applications use the browser as a base, but behave as if they were separate programs, and can even be found in the “Start” menu or fixed in the Windows 10 Taskbar.

If you use a site a lot and want to install it to facilitate your access to it, know that this procedure can be done quickly and conveniently, check out the step by step below!

Step 1: access the website you want to install as an application on Microsoft Edge, click on the “Three dots” icon in the upper right corner, access the “Apps” option and click on “Install this website as an application”.

Step 2: in the pop-up that appears next, choose a name for the app and click “Install”.

Step 3: once this is done, the app will be installed and open in an application other than the browser.

Step 4: you can find the installed app in the start menu and even pin it to the Windows 10 Taskbar.

Step 5: to uninstall it, click on the “Three dots” icon in the top corner and, in the open menu, select the option “Uninstall website”.

Step 6: in the pop-up shown below, click on “Remove” to finish the uninstallation.

Step 7: To manage all installed sites as an app, open Microsoft Edge, click the “Three dots” icon, go to the “Apps” option and click “Manage apps”.

Step 8: on the next tab, you can view or uninstall the sites by clicking on the “X” icon.

Ready! You can now install a website as an application on your PC through Microsoft Edge.

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