How to create routines using Bixby


Bixby is the virtual assistant present on Samsung mobile phones. One of its main advantages is the function to create and automate routines with your device: a series of actions with cell phone resources that are performed from a specific context, such as the time to wake up or some work situation. An example of a routine, for example, is to configure Bixby to turn off connected devices when leaving the house or prepare a series of cell phone functions when waking up.

The routine setup is divided into two parts: “If” and “Then”, which work on a principle of cause and consequence. There are two options for using the routines: using ready-made templates or creating your own. Bixby still uses machine learning to recognize habits and suggest new options after 14 days of use. Here’s how to create a routine on your Samsung phone.

Step 1: first, you need to activate the routines. Drag down the screen to access the notifications panel, look for the option “Bixby Routines” and press it to activate it;

Step 2: keep the icon pressed to access the routine options. At the bottom of the screen, choose from available routines or create a new one;

Step 3: in the “Discover” tab, you can find routines already created by Bixby for different everyday situations. Tap on one of them to view the information;

Step 4: on the routine screen, you can see what needs to happen for the actions to be carried out and what those actions will be. Tap “Save” to apply it;

Step 5: in the “Add routine” tab, you can create an automatic process from scratch. Start configuring the “If” part, that is, the condition that triggers the activation of the routine;

Step 6: choose from one of the available categories, which vary between hours, games and even connection to other devices. In this case, for example, a routine was created that will be activated during a certain time of day;

Step 7: with the “If” part completed, it’s time to add the actions performed by the routine in the “Then” section. Press the “+” icon to continue;

Step 8: select actions distributed among different areas of your phone. In this scenario, the command chosen was to silence notifications in “Sounds and Vibration”;

Step 9: configure the action and press “Done” to add it;

Step 10: confirm all information and press “Next”;

Step 11: finally, choose an icon, color and give the process a title. Tap “Done” to save.

Do you use Bixby routines? Leave your opinion about the function!

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