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How to access and use Netflix Games






Netflix (Android | iOS | Web) is no longer just a streaming service. The company launched Netflix Games, with titles to play on smartphones. See below how to access and install platform games on your cell phone.

Since November 2021, it is possible to play some Play Store titles directly on mobile, using only the Netflix app. For now, only Android devices running version 8.0 or higher are supported. An iPhone (iOS) version should arrive soon.

All titles accessed by Netflix Games require a Netflix subscription and do not have ads or additional in-app purchases. Also, some games may not be translated into Portuguese. If this is the case, the default language will be English.

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How to download games from Netflix Games

Select the “Netflix Games” option in the Netflix app

In the Netflix mobile app, there will already be a new section dedicated to the games made available by the streaming service. Just go to “Netflix Games”, represented by the icon of a video game controller.

Remembering that, in the first moment the tool was launched, only tablets and smartphones running Android 8.0 or higher have support for the new service.

choose the game

Select one of the five games available on Netflix Games. Go to “Download game” and finally “Go to Play Store”.

Download the game from Play Store

With the Play Store open, tap “Install”. Depending on the game and your device settings, the Permissions screen may appear. If so, select “Accept”.

Basically, what Netflix Games does is shorten what you would do to download a game directly from the Play Store. With the difference, of course, that here you have licensed titles from Netflix productions.

Search for the game on the Play Store (optional)

If you can’t find games through the Netflix app, you can still search for them using the Google Play Store itself. To do this, search for the name of the game or for “Netflix games” (without the quotes). Note that official Netflix games appear as developed by “Netflix, Inc”.

play the game on mobile

Now with the game installed on your device, just have fun playing the title. You can use the Netflix Games tab to open a game directly through the streaming service app, and check for news.

The game may also appear on your device’s home screen or app drawer. The game may still ask you to log in using your Netflix account email and password. In this case, just choose your profile and start playing.

What games are available on Netflix Games?

In all, it is now possible to play five titles on Netflix Games. Are they:

  • Shooting Hops
  • Teeter Up
  • Card Blast
  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game

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