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How Kuda Called EFCC On My Friend – Bryson Adah Cole




As shared by @brysonadahcole:


Kuda is canceled forever since the day they called EFCC on my friend last week to explain how he got ordinary 800k. Awon oloriibu.

He got his account locked and sent their customer care a message on Instagram to take care of the problem. They mandated him to appear physically in Lagos to submit the needed documents, saying email submissions won’t suffice.

He went to Lagos and these guys called EFCC

…to come and carry their “property” for interrogations on how he makes money wtf. A young graduate who makes legit money from Designing can’t have just a million

He was tricked into appearing physically so they’d get him arrested. So much for the “bank of the free”. Bs

Source:- Threadreader