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How Impact Research Vacated Siaya, Void Felt By Locals







Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO)ended their five-year program in Siaya County, the latter has left their health programs to another organization to continue with the discussion on HIV/AIDS  and other health-related studies.CmaTrends

Siaya County has a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other viral diseases that are currently managed by the Center for Health Solutions (CHS). John Riaga  who is a  Health officer at   IRDO  said  their work will still target parts of Siaya even though their contract with the county has just ended,

“We are  still hanging around as Impact Research in Siaya County since we still have  other programs that we are indulging on malaria and tuberculosis treatment and breakthrough in managing these diseases, we are  in Siaya but handling other things”

Dr.Ojowi who is the Director, Impact Research noted that their exit will not affect management  and control of viral diseases,

‘” We are here as Impact Research to do official closure out of our five-year program that was funded by CDC under Tuungane 3, Center for Health Services (CHS) is coming in to take services that we have been offering  in Siaya County if you look at  the prevalence  initially when we  came  here in 2016, it was over 20% for Siaya County and today we are proudly talking about 17%, there is the reduction in terms  of  HIV prevalence that could be attributed to  the services that we  offer to the  key populations that  are the drivers  of  the epidermic.”  He  noted

According to the  organization, their services  targeted sex workers, gays, and drug  addicts  who are leading in the transmission of  the virus with 30%,

“The key population are the population that is at a higher rate of  HIV/AIDS infection mostly female sex workers, men who have sex with men and those who inject drugs, as Impact we were able to target these people because they are the drivers of these diseases due to their prevalence of 30% among the female workers,18% among the Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) and also gays 18% who contribute to the new infections in the country” He concluded.

Elsewhere, certain projects that were kick-started sub-County levels are on the verge of collapsing. Mary Atieno (not her real name) who is suffering from HIV/AIDS said the Center for Health Services should embark on serious work that has been done by Impact in recent years.

She said at some point, incompleted and vital projects collapse when left under new organizations mostly managing the disease at the local level. He urged the locals to cooperate with an organization to ensure their mandate is fulfilled.CmaTrends

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