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How I was almost raped as a teenager— Nkechi Blessing



Nkechi Blessing, Nollywood actress, says she was almost raped at the age of 17 years by the boyfriend of her sister.

The actress stated this in a chat with Chude Jideonwo while reflecting on the alleged sexual assault scandal involving  Baba Ijesha, an actor.

According to Blessing, she had a conversation with her sister back then where she told her about her sexual status.

As a result of this, her sister set her up with a man beloved to be her boyfriend in a bid to rest if truly the actress was a virgin.

Blessing said “I was 16 or 17 and I had this sister I used to tell I was a virgin and she would say I was lying. I used to dance and my mum ran a beer palour. This sister invited me to meet her boyfriend.

“It was as if she wanted to set me up to confirm if I was still a virgin or not. As a young girl who was knowledgeable about such matters, I sat down. Drinks were served. This sister told me she would be back and went out.

“The boyfriend came close, sat beside me. My mind went to the virginity conversation I had with the sister. I was scared to death; stood up and he held me, saying I wouldn’t leave. I protested, asked if he wanted to rape me.

“He knew I was going to scream so he let me be. I guessed that (rape) was going to happen. I thought to myself that rapists should be given the death penalty. There’s no need for court. You hear a person raped, just kill them there.

“I feared what would have happened to me if he eventually did it. I’ve seen victims; read loads of messages from people, even adults who were raped. You can imagine the anger and trauma that they have gone through.

“Consider the 14-year-old girl involved in the Baba Ijesha case. No sane person hears that and wouldn’t speak up.”

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