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How Did Thomas Lovejoy Die? American Ecologist Professor, Thomas Lovejoy Passed Away at 80, Family



The American ecologist and the president of the  Amazon Biodiversity Center, Thomas E. Lovejoy, better known as Thomas Lovejoy passed away at the age of 80. According to the sources, the ecologist closed his eyes on December 25, 2021. He was the leading conservation biologist who is credited with popularising the term “biological diversity”.

thomas lovejoy die

The passing of the Lovejoy was announced by George Mason University on Saturday, December 25, 2021. He was the director and founder of the Institute for a Sustainable Earth. and the Amazon Biodiversity Center.

How Did Thomas Lovejoy Die?

The fellow senior at the United Nations Foundation was everyone’s favorite. Lovejoy was a University professor in the Environmental Science and Policy Department at George Mason University. He served at various places as he was the World Bank’s chief biodiversity advisor and the lead specialist for the environment for Latin America and senior advisor to the president of the United Nations Foundation.

In the late of 1970s, Lovejoy began referring to biological diversity – the rich variety of life on Earth and later, shortened to biodiversity, it became one of the most important themes of the age of climate crisis.

A popular extinction researcher, Lovejoy found that pollution, destruction, and global hearting were killing the species around the world. He encouraged restoring forests and regrowth of native plants and animals and protecting large tracts of water and land.

American Ecologist Professor, Thomas Lovejoy Passed Away

Along with this, he was also involved in the US Public television’s “Nature”, the show featuring some amazing and stunning video around the world. During the running of the show, he was working for the World Wildlife Fund.

His researches brought him to the Amazon in the 1960s and became a passion for the world of tropical rainforests. Also, he helped in several projects in Brazil to protect and reimpose threatened forest fragments. He was born on August 22, 1941, in New York City, US, and his entire career, he achieved several awards and honors.

Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievements. BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award and Blue Planet Prize was some achievement of the professor.

On the other side, he served at several universities and centers in his entire life like Amazon Biodiversity Center, George Mason University, World Bank, Heinz Center for Science Economics and the Environment, and United Nations Foundation. Still yet, the cause of Thomas Lovejoy’s death has not been announced but his death was a big loss for the community. He will be always missed by his colleagues and family.

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