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Hitman Holla Wife Cinnamon Video Viral Source Explained Leave Twitter Scandalized




VIDEO: Hitman Holla Wife Cinnamon Video Viral Source Explained Leave Twitter Scandalized: Since the name of the HitmanHolla and his wife Cinnamon comes into the limelight, one after another many new facts is coming fore. As per the reports, the leaked video of Cinnamon and Hitman Holla, a video source named 1more4thegain is also trending across the web. Presently, Battle rapper Hitman Holla and his wife leaked video is trending everywhere on the web. People were going crazy. Everyone on social media, netizens were talking about the 1more4thegain. Let’s find more about the source of the leaked video. Follow More Update On

Hitman Holla

Who Is 1more4thegain?

1more4thegain is the first source where the video of Cinnamon and Hitman Holla is leaked from. This is the website where netizens easily find hundreds of clips. We all know the fact that leaked videos were easy to go viral on social media especially when the video belong to some big stars or celebrities. The same thing applies to the case of the leaked videos of Cinnamon and Hitman Holla. The video is now trending throughout social media and individuals were going crazy for it.

Hitman Holla Wife Cinnamon Video

The source of the leaked video is Following the viral video, Hitman Holla himself reached to it as well. Talking on Instagram, the musical rapper stated the video was leaked by one of his close friends. However, he has not shared the name of the friend as of now.

In the post, the rapper accepted that it was him who is showcased in the video. As we already reported earlier, Youtube star Cinnamon was shot on 13th October 2021, in a tried burglary. She was face timing with her husband at the time when the burglary has happened. A bullet makes a hole in her cheek and went through her neck. The wounds were serious and she was instantly admitted to the hospital. At present her health condition of her is well.

Hitman Holla Wife Cinnamon Video Explained

Hitman Holla and his wife are still wedded. Furthermore, the rapper said that the duo is fine. The rapper stated on Instagram that “What works in the relationship of me and Cinnamon might not for you all and that is okay.” So their relationship is still intact and the duo is still together.