“He Was Pressing On My Neck” Twitter Lady Accuses Peruzzi Of Rape

A lady on twitter has come out to the open using twitter as a medium of exposure to say; popular Nigerian singer, Peruzzi raped her.

According to a lady who posted on twitter, explained that Tobechukwu Victor Okoh famously known as Peruzzi raped her in 2012.

Going by her statement, she narrated that she can’t remember the date and month of the incidence but remembers vividly that she accompanied her friend, Aisha, to visit Peruzzi in his block ,”1004″, in Victoria Island (V.I), Lagos.

In her narration she also gave details of how Perruzi raped her. According to her, Perruzi came to where she was sleeping and made his first attempt, however, she changed her position.

Again, Peruzzi made his second attempt and this time ripped her pant and raped her.

Is This True? We Are Yet To Hear From Peruzzi

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