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HBO Max Unveils ‘Poor Devil’ Adult Cartoon At Spanish Launch




In Madrid for the launch of HBO Max in Spain, Andorra and four Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), Warner Media’s commissioning editor and VP of original programming Miguel Salvat announced the commission of “Poor Devil,” (“Pobre Diablo”) a new series produced for the streamer by Buendia Estudios with animation done at Granada’s Rockyn Animation.

The announcement was made at a presentation in Madrid on Monday by Christina Sulebakk, general manager, HBO Max, EMEA, Joana Silva, VP programming & acquisitions HBO Max Iberia.

“Poor Devil” follows Stan, a typical 18-year-old, except that his dad is the Devil. The freshly-turned young adult is tasked by his father to go to earth and create chaos and bring about the downfall of humanity. However, as an 18-year-old, Stan has other plans. Like most children just out of the nest, Stan likes to socialize, to drink and party, and he dreams of being a performer on Broadway. “I want to sing and dance,” he said in a brief animatic created for the HBO Max launch to introduce the series.

“Poor Devil” is written by Miguel Esteban, Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla, co-written by Helena Pozuelo and directed by Esteban. Several of the leading creatives on the production are long-time colleagues of Salvat’s. And while “Poor Devil” is helmer Esteban’s first animated series, his broad resume includes several popular comedy series for Movistar Plus (“Nasdrovia”), Netflix (“The Neighbour”) and Comedy Central (“The End of Comedy”).

“I’ve known these guys for years and it’s wonderful to have this opportunity with them in TV,” Salvat said from stage at the Madrid Four Seasons, a bit like a proud father himself.

“Poor Devil” was one of an impressive six local productions coming out between tomorrow’s launch and the end of 2022. From day one, two new Spanish originals available on HBO Max in Spain take in “Todo lo Otro” from creator and showrunner Abril Zamora, and “Dolores: The Truth About the Wanninkhof Case,” a true crime documentary series about one of the Spain’s best-known cases of injustice.

Other Spanish series teased, having previously screened clips at San Sebastian in September, included “Venga Juan,” the third instalment of a massively popular TBS comedy series in Spain preceded by “Vota Juan” and “Vamos Juan”; “Sin Novedad,” a local adaptation of the Australian crime comedy “No Activity”; and “García,” perhaps the service’s most ambitious Spanish original at launch, a high octane adaptation of the popular comics of the same name, about a superspy cryogenically frozen in the 1950s and thawed out in modern day Madrid.

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