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Hamdi Bouta Video leaked on Twitter and Reddit – New Videos Appear And With Them A New Mystery




WATCH: Hamdi Bouta Video leaked on Twitter and Reddit – New Videos Appear And With Them A New Mystery: In 2019 a video of the gruesome killing of a Syrian man went viral on Russian social media platforms. In that video, a few Russian-speaking men were being seen surrounding the victim who was identified as Hamdi Bouta. That video shocked the entire social media as people remained stunned after viewing the brutality of Russian men with Hamdi Bouta. The video of that incident was being circulated on the internet for almost one year but no development was made in the investigation of this incident. Now, something new has come up linked with this news. To learn fresh updates and more information regarding the same headline kindly go down the page and look at the following section of this article. Follow More Update On

Hamdi Bouta Video

Hamdi Bouta Video

The family of Hamdi Bouta held a secret funeral ceremony for him when they received a videotape of Russian men beating Hamdi Bouta with a sledgehammer before decapitating him. Later set the corpse of Hamdi Bouta on fire and posed for pictures with the remains of his corpse. The perpetrators were identified as the private officers of the Wagner Group. The real identity of the victim was later confirmed as Muhammad Taha al-Abdullah who was killed by Russian-speaking men. Keep reading this blog to get more on this subject.

Hamdi Bouta Video leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Currently, journalists from Syria named al-Jessr Press are looking into the matter. According to the reports, Hamdi Bouta’s body was set on fire near Palmyra at an al-Shaer gas plant in Syria. Many believe that there is a direct connection between the Russian Government and private military and security companies such as Wagner Group that has persuaded activists in Syria. Kindly look at the further section to learn more about the same headline.

Hamdi Bouta leaked Video Explained

Initially, it was hard to identify the face of the victim and perpetrator through the viral video but in 2019 an enhanced and extended video with several images of the incident was found in the Vkontakte user profile. Through this enhanced video, it has become easier to identify the face of perpetrators who have not been charged yet for brutally killing Hamdi Bouta. However, it has not been clear yet where this event happened and there is little information about the people who were there at that time other than Hamdi Bouta. Keep visiting this web page for further development on this story as we will update this section as something will come out on the internet linked with this event.