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Government blatantly employs war propaganda in Laikipia through Citizen TV





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The word ”Propaganda” has not always been a bad word, and in fact, only gained infamy after the nefarious actions of Joseph Goebbels, who was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, after the Second World War. The word simply means information that is produced and disseminated with the sole aim and purpose of achieving a certain goal, and yesterday, the government went all out in spreading propaganda through Citizen TV.

The chaos in Laikipia county has seen more than ten people lose their lives in Ol Moran, after bandits posing as herders attacked farms with the pretext that they are looking for pasture for their livestock. The spiraling out of control of the crisis has caused the government to step up its offensive against the bandits, and Citizen TV was at the forefront on explaining its preparedness for the operation.

In yesterday’s late night news, Stephen Letoo spoke of the humongous truck that was splashed on the TV screen, and which he gladly let people know, is called the M-RAP, and is an All Terrain Frontline vehicle that is capable of accessing remote bandits’ hideouts and creating a buffer between them and the security forces. He also hailed the Armored Personnel Carrier, also known as the APC, and which, like the M-RAP, can access all terrain, and has a 360 degrees shooting range.

After this, the energetic reporter introduced viewers to a bead of bullets, which he let everyone know, is called the HK 21 belt, and holds 200 bullets, and is among the heavy machinery that’s able to pin an enemy down.

To cap it all off, he concluded with the well-known AK 47, which, he notified viewers, has a shooting range of 75 meters, and the G3, which has an impressive range of 300 meters.

All this, will perhaps be considered a mitigating action against last week’s startling admission by the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner, George Natembeya, who blatantly admitted to having inferior weapons compared to the bandits. This incredible statement was widely considered a gaffe, and made some question the capability of our security forces.

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