Google Pixel 6 has camera features and screen specs revealed



The Pixel 6 cell phones had some more details and alleged leaked specifications, based on information obtained in the source code of the latest version of the Google Camera. Previously, we have already seen that the Pixel 6 XL, the most complete model in the series, will be able to count on an “ultratele” mode with a zoom of up to 5X. Now, we can also get a bit of a sense of what to expect for your selfie lens and your screen.

The 9to5Google team did an in-depth analysis of the application’s source code and came to the conclusion — based on the placement and size of the cutouts to house the front camera — that Google Pixel 6 will have a 1080p resolution panel, while Google Pixel 6 XL (previously also called Pixel 6 Pro) will feature a 1440p display.

Based on this finding, code analysts also found that Google Pixel 6 will have a slightly smaller clipping compared to its direct predecessor. It will have a hole in the screen with a diameter of 55 pixels to house the front camera, while the Google Pixel 5 is 65 pixels. The cutout present on the Google Pixel 6 XL will be somewhat larger: it will be 70 pixels, probably due to more advanced lens technologies.

In addition to the screen resolution and the design of the cutouts, the analysis also revealed that the Google Pixel 6 XL will support recording at 4K resolution via the front camera and that it should also have a flash unit to assist the selfie lens.

Rear camera video recording will also feature an interesting upgrade and both Google Pixel 6 series models will be able to support up to 7x digital zoom on footage at 60 frames per second. This is a great advance considering that its predecessors only came up with an approximation of 3x at 60 fps and 5x at 30 fps.

Other rumors have shown us, so far, that the Google Pixel 6 will have a dual rear camera, with a 50 MP lens and a 12 MP lens and an 8 MP front camera. The Pixel 6 XL will have a triple configuration of 50 MP + 48 MP + 12 MP, while the selfies sensor will be 12 MP.

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