Google launches technology to increase the security of encrypted data


Reaffirming its concern for the security and privacy of its users, Google has released a new open source tool for developers to make their apps even more complete. Through its official blog, the company announced a general-purpose transpiler (a tool that translates written code from one language to another) focused entirely on fully homomorphic encryption (FHE).

In practice, FHE allows developers to encrypt data in such a way that no identifier is attached to it. With this, information can be browsed and processed through an internet server without the need to decrypt it at any stage of the flow.

Google promises that its new tool will allow it to write code for any kind of basic computation, like a simple mathematical calculation, and make it run in an encrypted form. “The transpiler will transform this code into a version that can run on encrypted data. This allows developers to create new programming applications that do not require unencrypted data”, explains Miguel Guevara, Product, Privacy and Information Protection Manager.

Bet for the next decade

The company also claims that the FHE can be used in training models by machines that are more sensitive in how they handle sensitive data. As an example, Guevara cites an application for diabetics that protects personal data so that healthcare professionals have access to a patient’s information in an encrypted form, preventing it from being used by unauthorized persons.

“Over the next 10 years, the FHE could even help researchers find associations between specific genetic mutations, analyzing genetic information in thousands of encrypted samples and testing different hypotheses to identify the genes most strongly associated with the diseases they are studying”, continues the executive .

Google says the new technology is part of its philosophy of using privacy as one of the foundations for developing its products. The company recognizes that FHE may take some time to gain traction, but believes the solution will eventually be as adopted as the HTTPS protocol is today.

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