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Ghost mocks Gidi in his absence over how he harasses him, as he enjoys his week in charge






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When the cat is away, the mice will play, so goes the popular saying, and this is more so in the case of Radio Jambo’s presenter, Jacob Ghost Mulee.

In a week when Raila Odinga has made it a thing to talk about people working under strenuous conditions with a stranglehold on their necks, the analogy perfectly fits Ghost Mulee. Unfortunately for him, today marks the last day of what has undoubtedly been a stress-free and peaceful period for him, as next Monday, the bane of his life, Gidi, comes back.

Nevertheless, Ghost had quite some naughty barbs which he threw at Gidi while he was away, and which might just happen to be loaded with a heavy hidden message.

During their popular morning show which they host together known as Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi, but which Ghost hosted alone for the week, the Patanisho segment of the show provided the perfect platform for Ghost to get back at Gidi.

Patanisho is a section where Gidi and Ghost urge fans who might be having problems of disagreement with an associate to reach out to them so that they can assist in mending their broken associations.

As he introduced the morning’s Patanisho, he did a hilarious impression of Gidi and his famous phrase, “Na sasa ni wakati wa…” before breaking into his trademark laugh.

He then went ahead to share with viewers how Gidi, who he called his boss, always says this, then orders him to complete the sentence, failure to which he scolds him for always being on the phone instead of doing his job of assisting him.

While this was all seemingly said in jest, it remains unclear whether perhaps it was Ghost’s way of passing a subtle but serious message.

Just a couple of months ago, Kenyan Report highlighted the on-air relationship between the two, and the poor image that is created of Ghost through the constant haranguing that he undergoes in the hands of his co-host.

Although Gidi gracefully reached out to Kenyan Report and explained that their to and fro is simply just part of an act, after which he also apologised for any inadvertently caused ill feeling, many listeners were of the view that he should, altogether, quit his harsh criticism of Ghost.

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