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George Weah Opens Up On Reaction He Got After Winning The Ballon D’Or





George Weah” I am never proud of the Ballon d’Or award since I won it and I suffer from racism in Europe!!
I remember the headline of the front page of La Gazzetta dello Sport in the broad heading the next day, “And oh, the black wins the gold”
Even inside Milan, they were making fun of me and Africa, repeating at every opportunity, “Did you sell it to buy them bread”!!
Drogba won everything with Chelsea, Eto’o won everything with Barca and Inter, but did they give them gold? No…why?…because they do not have the humanity to give gold to black Africans!!
Gold is not a ball that is given to the best… Real gold is to be a good-hearted person and does not hurt the feelings of others. The truth is that they own racism but not humanity!!

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