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Gem: A.D.S Nyanza Distribute Banana Tissues To Help Boost Food Security






Following months of training and exposure to the modern breakthrough in Agriculture, ACK Development Services Nyanza (ADS-NYANZA) has distributed bananas varieties to farmers from Central Gem ward, Siaya County aimed at boosting their economic and social welfare.CmaTrends

The event was hosted at Nyawara  Feeds Milling Company by KOBAT, a community-based organization working on Health, Agriculture, and also economic empowerment mostly stressing education and savings.

While briefing journalists during the  event, Elijah Oloo from ADS Nyanza said more than  200 small scale farmers from Nyandiwa  Sub-location who are the pioneer lot have been trained on orchard management of tissue culture banana,

“My name  is Elijah Oloo Oroka, ADS Nyanza is  a replica of the Anglican church that operates in the community to improve livelihood through training and  offering solutions to the community, Here at Nyandiwa, we have trained 200 farmers in small scale capacity and today, we are glad to distribute tissue culture bananas so that they continue with the exercise in their respective areas of the locality.” He said

Oroka told Dalanews that they have given out tissue culture banana varieties that have been tested and anticipate changing the narrative behind banana farming news CmaTrends CmaTrends

“We have varieties including CmaTrends Cooking plain –(ng’ombe, Nusu and Ugandan Green), Ripening type-(Williams, Grand Naine and Giant Cavendish), Roasting and Frying-(Plantain banana), Sweet banana also known as apple sweet. We also issued dual-purpose banana subdivided as Fhia 17, Fhia18 Fhia 25” Oroka added.CmaTrends

Moreover, he said the organization has a mission that will benefit the locals including getting rid of hunger and unemployment. This is realized through the fact that when there is sufficient food, health is improved, if one has good health, everything can be accomplished including financial breakthrough through farming and sales of bananas that would put money in their pockets.

Paul Otieno who is a financial expert at ADS Nyanza reiterated that there was the need for financial empowerment with an education that has greatly improved over the years. Otieno said their target audience has gained from the sessions and is saved for the future for their children.

‘’Am Paul Otieno from Gongo Sub-location, am working with ADS Nyanza in collaboration with KOBAT CBO, Here we train farmers on food security, health and economic empowerment, in matters of economic empowerment we have numerous groups that we train about savings with Education (SWE), where our main focus is table banking’ Otieno highlighted.

On the same note, Oloo affirmed that the distributed tissue cultures have no difference with the local varieties planted in the community, however, they are resistant to pests and diseases that will enable farmers to reap big from hard work. The tissues are reproduced genetically and their advantage as compared with the known varieties in our farms is that they are not prone to diseases brought by these pests.

The farmers who turned up for the exercise to their advantage urged their colleagues to adhere to the management guide issued by the ADS Nyanza to ensure they benefit from it,

“Am Beatrice Asiko Oyolo from Nyandhondho Sub-Unit in Nyandiwa Sub-location, we are thankful for the initiative, we hope for the best as we plant  the bananas as  directed by our trainers so that our lives also improve, from what we saw, when you sell at Sh700 or Sh 1,000 you will make profits compared to local varieties?” She said.

In summary, weed management, fertilizer, and decomposed manure application, irrigation, suckers maintenance, and diseases control can hinder the production, shattering the dreams of a tissue banana farmer.

Orchard Management

Experts argue that flowering to maturity begins from 8 to 12 months, harvesting starts from 12 months onwards. The management of the orchard plays a pivotal role in determining income to the farmer and also lifespan that may go beyond 8 years.

Farmers  have been told to ensure  proper spacing is considered when digging holes, for 3M by  3M for short banana varieties while those who were given tall varieties, to approximately abide by 4 by 4M

The farmers were told to dig a square 3ft*3ft*3ft and separate topsoil (first 1ft soil) from the subsoil.

The inputs

The experts recommended 40kgs of well-decomposed manure,250 of D.AP, and 1 tablespoonful (10g) Nematicide per hole.

Farmers who lack the above-mentioned inputs can also apply 4okgs of well-decomposed manure,250kg of D.A.P, and Banana Pack per hole.


It commences during the rainy season according to ADS Nyanza

When planting, add and thoroughly mix 40kgs of decomposed manure,200kgs of D.A.P, and 1 tablespoonful (10g) Nematicide per hole or banana pack per hole. Farmers have been advised to irrigate if it is NOT raining, in the evening using 20 liters per hole every 3 days.

Other mechanisms for more yields

Mulching -using dry grass or available crop materials, placed 6” away from the plant base, will help get rid of termites and other pests.

Farmers can also intercrop with short-term crops without height competition, top dressing by adding manure and fertilizer based on soil test results, for instance (C.A.N 150-200g/N.P.K 10:3:20 per hole, for both short and long showers of rain.)

To increase production, farmers are encouraged to deleaf, rather than pruning the crop using a clean and sharp knife, which also will help sucker management, maintain four best suckers facing the sunrise(eastern side).

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