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Future Spells the Mother of His Child’s Name Wrong, Fans React




Future’s relationships with the mothers of his eight children haven’t been rosy, but it appears he gets along with at least one of them.

During the holiday weekend, Future hopped on his Instagram Story and shared a video of himself receiving a lavish Christmas gift from Joie Chavis, the mother of their three-year-old son Hendrix, but spelled her name wrong while thanking her for the gift.

In the clip, the Atlanta rapper is holding up his wrist and showing off a diamond-flushed “Hndrxx” bracelet. In the caption, he wrote, “THANKS JOY” in all caps, which is not the proper spelling of her name.

Now whether Future accidentally spelled her name wrong or if it’s a nickname he calls her remains unclear. However, according to, Joie is a French word for “joy” so maybe Future is not wrong for naming her that after all.

Nevertheless, in an Instagram post about Future’s lavish gift, people were very vocal in the comment sectioon about the rapper misspelling his baby mother’s name.

“Didn’t even spell her name right. Jesus Devaughn Christ,” wrote one person. Another user commented with “He ain’t even [spelled] her name right, future different different” and added a cry-laughing face emoji.

Other commenters questioned Joie for giving Future such an expensive gift considering that he reportedly told one of his baby mothers, Brittni Mealy, that he never loved his other baby mama, Joie Chavis, back in August of 2021.

“I don’t look at Joie like I look at you,” Future reportedly said in the leaked audio. “Me and Joie always been friends, super cool.”

The “Way 2 Sexy” rapper then added: “I don’t look at her like someone I love, I never loved her like that, she know that. I never loved her, I never been like, told her ‘I love you.’ You know what I’m sayin’? I never told this girl, I never told Joie ‘I love you’ but we had a good ass friendship. You know what I mean? I ain’t never tell her I love her.”

Before the audio leak, however, Mealy called out Future for sending a vile text message to their 8-year-old son, Prince.

Overall, it’s good to see that Future is cordial with at least one of his children’s mothers.

Check out Future’s lavish Christmas gift below.

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