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From a makanga now you own a Mercedes! Let’s start lifestyle audit with you, Weke told.






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In a clear indication of the style and tactic which DP William Ruto’s allies intend to use in the defence of their boss, a scathing attack was launched at Brian Weke who has always famously narrated his humble beginnings from the days when he operated as a tout, after he questioned the DP’s source of wealth.

In an attack occasioned by Weke’s demand that the DP account for his wealth and explain where and how he got his properties which include five helicopters, Weke himself was also ordered to prepare and present documented evidence of how he has been able to meteorically rise from an ordinary tout to a rich man whose properties now include vehicles such as a Range Rover, a Vogue and a Mercedes Benz which not only also doubles up as a limousine too, but is bulletproof.

All this was unfolding on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi which was hosted by Bramwell Mwololo. Gerald Bitok was responding to Brian Weke’s demands that the DP be made accountable for the massive wealth that he has been able to amass over the last couple of years. Others on the show were Amani National Congress party official Brian Mulama, and political and economic analyst James Mwangi.

Despite claims from Weke that the most expensive car he owns is a Toyota RAV4, Bitok dismissed this as he proceeded with his tirade.

Weke was not on the radio show physically, but had rather called in after offering his apologies for what he termed as an important journey that required his presence, and which he couldn’t get away from.

In his energised second round of attacks on Weke, Bitok went far enough as to now claim that even as Weke was joining the show through a phone, the call was being made from inside a chopper, and not on land.

Last week, while appearing before a parliamentary committee, Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’I opened the lid on a number of properties which he claimed, are owned by the DP. The DP has however since disowned the claims, saying thirty percent of the mentioned properties don’t belong to him.

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