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French courts “hire” dogs to help relieve victims’ stress





Two years ago, Lol became the first dog in Europe to support victims of crime when they are subjected to pressure from the courts, and often face their aggressors.

The idea of ​​bringing the initiative to the French court came from the prosecutor Frederic Almendros, which revealed to BBC who had heard of a similar experience in the United States, more specifically in the city of Seattle.

The work requires care, as most victims were sexually abused, and the first dog chosen was Lol.

Labrador was trained to keep calm in the presence of strangers, including young children, and has the ability to handle difficult situations, such as interrogations, where an abuse victim can be quite nervous in the presence of her abuser.

“Yours comforting presence it helps victims to open up about what happened”, said Almendros, who explains that, in trials, the dog is “sitting next to people in court, often helping to deal with stress”.

So far, Lol has been present in 80 investigations different criminal groups that cover victims between the ages of 3 and 90 years.

Over the past two years, the experience has been so successful that other courts in France have turned to Lol to intervene in their most difficult trials. Several now have their own dogs, including the towns of Nevers and Nîmes.

O Palace of justice – a large court in Paris, and one of the busiest in France – it also has its own dog.

For now, the presence of canines in court is not yet protected by legal status, but that could change soon.

the deputy Huguette Tiegna, from the party La République en Marche, is promoting a bill in parliament that would give animals judicial recognition to help victims.

“If the bill becomes law, it will also provide state funding from the Ministry of Justice for the dogs – a crucial step, as training Lol for her role cost around €17,000,” Tiegna told BBC.

Lol is already famous outside French borders and was taken to the European Parliament to participate in a seminar on crime.

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