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Former VP Awori Takes Late Brother’s Land






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Former Vice President Moody Awori has managed to take back his late brother’s land from a trespasser who claimed its ownership for 10 years.

This comes after the Environment and Land Court Judge, Justice Anne Omollo noted Moody had proven that the land belonged to his late brother Hannington Awori and one Charles Onyango Omondi had trespassed the property.

“In light of the evidence adduced, I am satisfied that Awori has proved his claim against Omondi for eviction only,” Justice Omollo ruled.

Omondi will, however, not pay for any damage compensation after the 92-year-old former Vice President failed to explain o when he discovered the trespass and what they wish to use the land for.

Awori sued Omondi in October 2016 on behalf of his sister-in-law Pamela Mary Awori after for taking over the land and even rented out some of the buildings on it.

Pamela is said to have inherited the land from her husband and Awori’s brother Hannington.

Awori claimed that Omondi took advantage of the absence of Pamela’s husband and intruded into the property.

“Omondi took advantage of the absence of my late brother’s family, moved into the property, and started renting out the premises to third parties.

“It’s the reason that my late brother’s immediate family authorized me to take legal action to evict him (Omondi) and everyone else he had rented the premises to,” Awori said as reported by The Standard.

On his side, Omondi claimed that the Awori’s late brother Jeremy Hannington Edward Awori had leased out the land and the building in it for ten years at an agreed fee of Ksh.1.2 million. Omondi could not, however, back his claims as he could not produce receipts of the claimed lease.

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