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Five Afrobeat dance moves you should learn this summer




The holidays are gently seeping in and everyone is ready to hit the streets. However, hitting the streets means that you need to be well equipped. There is nothing more embarrassing than doing old dance moves to new songs. With more people getting vaccinated and the outsides opening up, these moves will come in handy.

If you live in Nigeria or are just remotely Nigerian, you know how important music and dance is to us. To be fair, it is an African thing. Dance is our mode of expression and we all embrace it whole wholeheartedly. Hence, here are some moves you need to know for the summer Afrobeat raves. Do not be caught sleeping, all you know are the basics.

Palliative Dance

This dance falls under the Marlian Dance category of Afrobeat dances of the summer. The dance originates from Nigerian Afrobeat star, Zlatan Ibile. This move is simple enough, it just requires some hand, head and mouth gestures. It seems to have been coined from the time when some Nigerian government officials were caught hoarding COVID-19 palliative. At least, it is very likely that’s where the name originates from.

Malowa Dance

Malowa is a lot more rigorous than the palliatives dance. It requires a lot more stamina and strength. In fact, it is not recommended for public settings. It is a variation of the leg work and it is mostly for those who feel a need to show off at house parties. You are better off just learning the basics of this one. It is a street dance.

Pilolo Dance

Pilolo is also a very energetic dance. It was made popular by Ghanaian Afrobeat stars GuiltyBeats and Kwesi Arthur. It was released via a song under Mr. Eazi‘s Banku Music records. The music video of the song titled, Pilolo offers many variations of the dance. You can decide to just pick out the easy parts or just do the hard parts if you know it.

KPK Dance

This dance is a pro version of Zanku, the famous legwork. It originates from the same people that pioneered the Zanku dance. It is officially a Marlian Dance and the song, KPK is by Rexxie and Marlian camp’s MohBad. The Amapiano vibe will automatically get you on your feet and ready to KPK.

Focus Dance

This dance started out as vibes on social media but if all else fails, its one to bank on. It is simple, requires very little technique and is fun enough. Doing this dance at Afrobeat raves will show that you are fun and trendy. It is not so much about the moves but more about the cruise. It goes will all the latest Afrobeat songs and can be easily done by a group.

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