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FIFA Ultimate Team | It is now possible to see package contents before purchasing





EA Sports responded to an important request from fans of FIFA 21 and now allows us to see the content of FIFA Ultimate Team cards before buying them. Since last Friday (18), all packages purchased through the FUT Shop have received the preview option, but there are some rules for this feature to be used to its fullest and, in fact, to be an advantage to players.

By selecting the preview, players will be able to identify which players and items will be present in the packages as if they had actually purchased them. The difference, however, is that if you open the pack and see what’s in it, but don’t buy it, you automatically get a kind of hook and don’t use the preview feature for 24 hours, and you can’t buy another one of the same category for the same period. EA Sports warns, however, that packages derived from the rewards of the different game modes of FUT will not receive this feature at first.

The preview feature is applicable to all six FUT Shop standard packs as well as the three “Promo Packs” currently available. The only difference is that the Promo Packs content was already on a limited time cycle. So if you see a package that’s already been set to expire in 45 minutes, you’ll see the next package in 45 minutes, not a day later.

FIFA Ultimate Team has been the most played FIFA mode for a few years, generating exorbitant profits for EA in this active time. The company is even in the crosshairs of authorities and the market for aggressive practices related to the game, as recently leaked documents that reveal all the company’s predilection for FUT and its profitability have indicated.

FIFA 21 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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