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Ferocious Miguna shows touching gesture, unbelievable politeness, after Raila aide attacks him






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Illegally exiled Kenyan-Canadian lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna displayed unbelievable decorum and unexpected restraint despite the fact that he was the one who had been provoked by Raila’s aide. Nevertheless, Miguna made sure to inform him that this polite gesture was only a one time thing, and he wasn’t going to be so gentle the next time that they clash.

It all started after Silas Jakakimba, who also happens to be an aide to Raila Odinga, wrote Miguna a mocking tweet, urging him to keep quiet and stop asking too many questions before he finally lands in the country on his much awaited Homecoming. Going ahead in what sounded like locker room banter, Jakakimba urged Miguna to come back with a lady of loose morals for him to kick it with. He capped off by telling Miguna to greet the others. The tweet, written in Dholuo, read,

Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba

Replying to @MigunaMiguna @RailaOdinga and @WilliamsRuto

Omera JaNyando wek thagowa gi penjo mokrum in kibiro dala next week yudna baksisi moro kanyo ibinago weche modong’ wabiro loso kisetundo pacho… mosna jogi

In an unexpected response, Miguna called on to Jakakimba to peacefully enjoy his honeymoon. He noted that the Raila aide was still newly married and so needed time to engage in intimacy with his wife.

He recommended a number of aphrodisiacs and libido enhancing feeds, after which he issued what seemed like a menacing threat. After his kind words, he mentioned that this polite gesture was a one-off, and that next time, he wasn’t going to be as kind. He wrote,

Dr. Miguna Miguna


You are newly wed. You need maximum peace, love, lots of traditional porridge, groundnuts and honey to enable you give us two-eared and two legged children. That’s why I have restrained fire. We need the Subanese to live happily forever. But expect fire if you stray again.

A seemingly magnanimous Jakakimba replied in kind, and it all ended well. He counter accused Miguna of being the one who needed the aphrodisiacs, and told him he would be supplying them in plenty when he visits.

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