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Female Guests Slammed For Wearing This Outfit To A Wedding




Nigerians on social media have slammed two wedding guests over their choice of outfit to a wedding. In the photo shared online, the wedding guests donned gold and purple lacy gown, exposing their upper body and hips.


Twitter fans didn’t like it and roasted them. See reactions below: 

 @Mr_Cazia wrote; ‘Twitter will still validate it. Freedom to wear what one wants as they always say.’ 

@CharlesTofunmi wrote; ‘It’s the urge at which they wan to be totally naked and in the name of fashion! But I’m sure no brilliant person will ever want to dress like this Man shrugging’ 

@MatriarchSparkles wrote; ‘This is so tacky.’ 

@_finechoco wrote; ‘Is this not that veekee James style they are trying to replicate????’ chiblue0202 wrote; ‘

But what the hell is wrong with some of us ? Must we go naked in public?’ eeshafashion__ wrote; ‘What’s the space in the middle for? ijayykay wrote; ‘It’s not a beauty pageant nor a red carpet event. It’s really becoming tacky’