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FC Barcelona hope to sign a better sponsor






The financial situation of FC Barcelona continues to improve gradually, in particular thanks to the salary reduction, between departures (Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann …) and reductions accompanied by extensions (Gerard Piqué, Sergio Busquets …). Another economic issue that the Catalan management wishes to manage to bring more cash into its coffers: the search for a new sponsor. Indeed, the Korean giant Rakuten should no longer appear on the jersey at the end of the season and Barça continues to prospect for the future main sponsor.

During an interview with TV3, the club’s economic vice-president Eduard Romeu announced that the club was looking hard for a sponsor able to match the pre-COVID amounts: “We are not looking at the current value, we are looking at the value before the pandemic. Obviously we have to go over it. Whoever wants to put his name on the jersey will have to pay the price. “ For information, before the pandemic, Rakuten had paid nearly 55 million euros to register his name on the blaugrana equipment according to Mundo Deportivo.

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