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Explained: Who Is James Iannazzo From Merrill? Guy Throws Smoothie Video Went Viral!




Explained: Who Is James Iannazzo From Merrill? Guy Throws Smoothie Video Went Viral: Social media is a platform that can change your life at any time. It can turn into a good sense or it can turn out to be terrible. This time, it is James who is caught taking abusive action. Now, one question must be arising in your mind and that is who is James and what he did? Relax! We are here to tell you. James Iannazzo is a Wealth Management Advisor and Managing Director at Merrill Lynch. He has been working at the organization since November 1995. Interestingly, he’s among Barron’s, Follow our website CmaTrends for more updates!!!!!!

Who Is James Iannazzo From Merrill?

Who Is James Iannazzo From Merrill?

America’s Top 1,200 Advisors and it’s been north of 26 years he has been working for Merrill Lynch. Generally, he has been serving for surrendered similarly as corporate bosses. Besides them, he assists specialists, attorneys, monetary sponsors, big businesses, and clerks too. Besides, he is a University of Connecticut graduate and is an ensured Personal Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner. He has north of 10 years and a portion of involvement with his present field.

James Iannazzo Throw Smoothie On Jim Iannazzo

Recently, a video of a man on Tiktok is going viral, who threw a smoothie at a cafe representative and made racial remarks on the employees working there. He yelled and gets vicious by racially and obnoxiously attacking them. He calls them immigrants, ignorant high school kids, and much more. Yes, that person is James Iannazzo. The viral video was first shared by @cjjbreezy who seems to be the employer of the staff. The video got elevated so quickly that it has aggregated over 10.9 million perspectives beyond 13 hours.

In the recording, we can see that James Iannazzo was annoyed with the smoothie, and for that reason, he assaulted the staff physically as well as verbally. As updates guarantee, the woman the representative who got hit by the smoothie is completely fine. Be that as it may, the way wherein he hollers at those young women has unquestionably harmed his personality.

After the video gets viral James Iannazzo’s reputation has gone for a toss as behaving in such a disgraceful manner made his clients very disappointed and upset with him. Besides just TikTok, Danesh on Twitter has been tweeting a ton about James. Taking everything into account, he really wants the man to be on each stage and needs every individual to see his narrow-minded exhibition because he deserves every bit of it.